FitMASS Personal Training

Few Words About Us

Hi, we are Shawn, Brandon and Ashley

We are a Certified Fitness Family busines delivering over 8 years of fitness   
experience to our clients. We all strive to bring the best out in you and set up science backed programs that will allow you to get the results you are looking for. We offer semi-private training setting with a wide range of fitness platforms that are designed based of your personal fitness assesment so that we can tailor build the program around you to give you the success you have been searching for. We are able to give you more attention than any traditional GYM or Training System out there as we give you a pathway to be successful and continue to build on.
Nutrition Guidance, Yoga, Weight Loss and Muscle Building are some of the systems we offer that deliver goal crushing success. 


Multi-Fit Options

Be the best

Weight Loss
Muscle Building

Ipose Yoga - Total Fitness - Plus More - Reach out for more details 


What Our Team Members Say

Looks like they are happy

  1. Shawn has provided a much needed parody to my workouts. The movements and variations in the workouts challenge the muscle groups in ways I hadn't experienced before. Sending me workouts via app. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to walk in the GYM knowing what is expected start to finish.
    Brian - Staff Sergeant U.S. ARMY - Georgia
  2. In life you need to surround yourself with a good TEAM in order to be successful and adding FitMASS to my workouts I found a TEAM that drives me, guides me and pushes me to be the best me I can! I would suggest that you add FitMASS to your TEAM and experience a nice change in your path to success!
    Chris - Burleson, TX
  3. FitMASS has done wonders for me. They are helping me reach my goals and have me excited about success. They never let me quit when I wanted too. the motivation they drive into you is great! I recommend them to everyone and I am happy to be apart of the FitMASS TEAM!!!
    Jennifer Fields, Crowley TX
  4. The workouts that have been created for me have taken the stress out of going to the GYM as I know what to do and what days to do it and no longer dread going. I love the GYM now, I feel better about myself and cant wait to see where I go from here. Thank You Fitmass!
    Sherri - Fort Worth, TX
  5. My Trainer is great at what he does and he pushed me to the top, he motivated and pushed me past limits I didn't know I could go. Plus, when I needed to use the training app it was like he was there helping me be my very best when I was on my own supporting and helping to keep on my GOALS!
    Dusty - Fort Worth, TX
  6. I have used fitmass training on several different occasions. They were able to put a fitness routine together that catered to me. The instructions were very easy to follow and someone was always able to answer any questions I had. As long you are willing to put in the hard work and dedication, fitmass will deliver the results you are waiting for.
    Jena - Carrollton, TX
  7. I needed that push. Shawn and Brandon are here for YOU. They are 100 percent devoted to working with YOU and for YOU. They'll help you determine a goal, and push you towards it reaching it while breaking through additional barriers along the way! Commitment is difficult, but they offer a variety of options that best suit your needs! Give them a call today, you will be happy you did!
    Kayla - Burleson, TX
  8. FITMASS Personal Training is Awesome! I use the App for my training as the workouts are sent to me by my Trainer Shawn giving videos, how to instructions, direction and more. The bonus is having access to my trainer no matter where I am train
    Tabitha - Joshua, TX
  9. I am well on my way to a goal that I never believed I could achieve thanks to Fit Mass and their trainers. With their help and guidance I've been able to stick to a plan that works for me.
    Janice - Burleson, TX
  10. Fitmass has motivated me to finally reach for my goals. Brandon has motivated me and helped me realize my goals are achievable. Fitmass is what everyone needs.
    Nicholas - Burleson, TX
  11. I've beat breast cancer, heart attack and two total hip replacements and I'm doing better than ever. Energy, mobilization and strength improving. Lost weight and inches too. Don't let Brandon's good looks and sweetness fool you. He will kick your butt. You win in the end.
    Judy - Burleson, TX
  12. My trainer, is an awesome trainer. He doesn't let me give up on myself. I have a bad back and just had hand surgery and he made sure I was doing work outs that would help strengthen both and now my back is stronger and my hand is almost back to normal (months after the surgery it still wasn't acting right, now just a month of working out it is 99% better). I have seen lots of improvement in just the short time I have started and ready to get stronger and more fit! I lost 6 inches off my waist in just the first month!!!
    Kristina - Burleson, TX
  13. FitMASS gets 5 STARS!!
    Lindsay - Crowley, TX
  14. Our trainers Shawn and Ashley are great motivators and challenges us to always strive to push our personal boundaries to new heights. While working with both of us, although the workouts and yoga are tough, FitMASS & Ipose makes them fun for us as well. Thanks for making our day to day fun and keeping us on track!
    Erriel and Greg - Crowley, TX
  15. Originally Shawn got me into tip-top shape for my wedding but I couldn't stop there. I also had a desire to run a half marathon - with Shawn’s guidance I now run competitively. My greatest success was running the Fort Worth half marathon. Personal training is one of the best investments I have ever made because it never stops producing results!
    Julia - Fort Worth, TX
  16. Ipose Yoga with my instructor Ashley is amazing to say the least, Ashley is always very patient as she teaches and walks with me on the steps to build the strength and stamina to take on more challenging yoga posses. I always am excited to see what she can help me accomplish next. #iloveipose
    Kim - Burleson, TX
  17. I am 56 yrs old and just had knee surgery and I have been in rehabilitation for a few months and wanted to try something more to give me back my flexibility so to get back on my feet faster. I started with a beginners class with Ashley at Ipose at Fitmass and WOW Ashley is such a great teacher and is always ready to help me be better.
    Dean - Crowley, TX